Milk Makeup is known for being a little controversial and their newest mascara is no exception. Released on 4/20, their newest mascara, Kush, uses one special ingredient – CBD-rich cannabis oil. I’m sure some folks had a little freak out when they read that and I was one of them. I’m about as straight laced as they come, so when I was asked to try and review a cannabis containing product my heart started to beat a little faster.
CBD oil is a non-psychoactive ingredient. Plus, CBD oil isn’t new to the market. A number of bath bombs, lotions, lip balms, and other beauty products already tout the ingredient in their formulas. One of the biggest reasons that Milk Makeup added CBD-oil to their newest mascara is because it was a way to make a vegan mascara that could stand up to other top-shelf Sephora faves. The oil is also supposed to nourish lashes and make the formula easier to wash off at the end of the day.
Another innovative feature of Kush’s formula are the heart-shaped fibers. They are supposed to lay evenly together to create a less stringy look, while still giving you length and volume.
When I opened my VoxBox, I was SUPER impressed. I was pleasantly surprised to find a full size product available for me to test out. The packaging feels luxurious. The tube itself is hefty and is a sleek silver. The brush itself is large, fluffy, and shaped like a tree.
I was a bit hesitant to work a new mascara into my routine. I have been using the same 6.99 Lots of Lashes by Maybelline mascara for the last 7 years. I find the Maybelline brush easy to manipulate due to its triangular shape and smaller size. On top of that,  it gives my lashes both length and volume. On top of that, I like my mascara to be super black. Would Kush be able to push my favourite mascara aside?
Here’s a before and after:
1. The pigment is very black, which I love.
2. The formula does both lengthen and voluminize.
3. THIS STUFF HOLDS UP. Unlike other mascaras which tend to flake off by the end of the day, I found this formula was super durable. Even after an 8 hour emergency department shift, my mascara looked like I had just applied it.
4. I think this stuff truly does condition lashes. I definitely noticed that my lashes felt softer after using this.
1. The brush is just too big for me. I found it a little difficult to manipulate. Maybe I’m too used to a small brush and more practice would help me out!
2. Contrary to it’s promise, this formula is hard to wash off. My Maybelline product can usually come off with water and some gentle soap. I found I had to scrub a bit more and use makeup wipes even after washing my face to get all the product off.
Overall, I was quite impressed with this product. From the packaging to the actual formula, I’d give this mascara a 4/5. If they made the brush a bit smaller this could very easily make its way into routine!
Have you tried this mascara? Let me know your thoughts below!
I received a full size sample of this product for free from Influenster and Milk Makeup in exchange for an honest review.
Featured image via @milkmakeup

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