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Finding a great podcast is like stumbling onto a treasure chest filled with gold. They are a great way to learn something new, to pass time, or to make long car rides better. My roommates and I will often convince each other to listen to our new favourites. I love that podcasts get to make their own rules. In fact, some of my favourite podcasts are the one’s that talk about everything we “shouldn’t”. Oh you know the topics: death, sex, politics, and your relationship problems. Here are my 4 favourite podcasts that talk about all the things we try to keep secret.

Death, Sex, and Money

This is a podcast hosted by Anna Sale of WNYC. The podcasts strives to ask big questions and delve into hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation. My favourite segment so far has been “Opportunity Costs”. This was a multi-part episode which tackled social status and social class head on. Anna doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, but she does it in an accessible way.


This podcast is inspired by Jeremie Saunders, a man living with Cystic Fibrosis who was told he wouldn’t live past his 25th birthday. Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillivray, his two closest friends, join as co-hosts. Together they try to change people’s minds and hearts when it comes to serious illness. They invite people living with cancer, depression, epilepsy, herpes, and more to discuss what it is like to live with illness. They’re even active on Twitter! 

Turn Me On

If you like Sickboy, you are going to love Turn Me On. Once again, Jeremie Saunders ventures into taboo territory. Alongside his wife Bryde, they have no holds barred conversations about what it is to be a sexual being. As a married, poly, and adventurous couple themselves, nothing is off limits on this scandalous podcast.

Where Should We Begin?

We all have a guilty pleasure and this is mine. Esther Perel, a psychotherapist and author is the host of Where Should We Begin?. The show allows you to be a fly on the wall for one time couple’s counselling sessions. From sexless relationships, to learning to live with someone that has been unfaithful, the show provides a deep look into some of the darkest secrets of romantic relationships.

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