Is it November already? Hard to believe that we’re already more than two months deep into the school year. I always find October to be one of the hardest months of the year. Maybe it’s because the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Or maybe it’s just because I’m equally as far away from my last vacation and the next one. Whatever the reason for the October blues, November is our chance to start fresh and get ourselves back on track for a successful year end. So here are 8 small goals that will help you (and me) have a healthier November.

1. No screens 20 minutes before bed. 

One of my worst habits is lying in bed scrolling through my phone at bed time. Before I know it, it’s at least a half hour past bed time. The worst part about it, is that I’ve gained nothing other than unwillingly knowing a little more about the Kardashians. Set your alarm and then forget your phone. You’ll be better rested and probably a lot happier!

2. Read at least 20 pages of a book per day. 

One of the things that always falls to the wayside during school is my pleasure reading! My best way of combatting this is by getting my phone out of the way and setting a small reading goal each night. 20 pages is a manageable amount of reading to do each day and allows me to carve out some time for non-school related reading.

3. Close unnecessary tabs. 

You know that feeling of restlessness you get when your house or room is cluttered? I find that having a million tabs open does the same thing to me. I always feel like I’m falling behind or have a ton of things I need to get to. By simply closing a few tabs a day, I feel like I’m gaining back control and settling down my busy brain, if only for a few moments.

4. Take a nightly walk for 10 minutes. 

I know the weather is getting colder, but so what? Getting outside and being alone is one of the best things I can do for myself in a day. I love having some time to myself to self-reflect and appreciate all the things that the world has to offer me.

5. Replace one cup of coffee with a cup of tea. 

I am very guilty of drinking more than one cup of coffee a day. Simply swapping out one cup leaves me feeling a lot less dehydrated and a lot more alert.

6. Meal prep every week. 

The weeks I meal prep are the weeks I feel like I can conquer the world. Not only am I eating healthier, but I’m also saving a ton of time and money. Mornings are so much smoother when all I have to do is grab both my breakfast and lunch out of the fridge and get going.

7. Schedule (and stick to) your workouts.

I am very guilty of saying that I will go to the gym and then not follow through with it. I find that when I’m intentional about putting my gym time into my schedule, that I’m a lot more likely to go. By putting it in my schedule, my mind is prepared to part with that chunk of time, letting me exercise without thinking about my extraordinarily long to-do list. If that’s not enough, schedule it at the same time as a friend for that extra accountability factor.

8. Write a weekly thank you message. 

Having someone thank you for something that you did will always leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Knowing this, why don’t you give that feeling to someone else. Not only is it good for other people, but science proves it’s good for us too! The research shows that gratitude is has been associated with improved health, more positive emotions, stronger relationships, the ability to deal with adversity, and an overall relishing of good experiences. So get to thanking!

One of my favourite sayings is from Emily Ley (creator of the AH-MAZING Simplified Planner) and thats “Progress, not perfection”. Hopefully these little goals will help you (and me) make a little bit of progress towards a healthier November. By sticking to these goals for the month, we can create new habits that will help us live more balanced and healthy lives. If there are any goals that you think I missed, let me know!

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