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It’s the beginning of fall, and naturally you are trying to get your life together. The days are slowly getting shorter and you’re trying to figure out how the heck you can work off those extra summer margaritas. Because, you know, WINTER IS COMING. Regretfully, it’ll be bikini season again before any of us know it. It’s time to get that booty in gear so you can enjoy winter for all of it’s hibernation glory. Luckily for all of us, the Fitness Marshall is here to get your booty into shape.

The Fitness Marshall (aka Caleb Marshall), posts a series of videos to his YouTube Channel that feature cardio hip-hop moves to all the latest hit pop songs. My roommate and I queue up 8-10 videos and go to town in our living room! So here are 6 reasons why you should let the Fitness Marshall whip your booty into gear.

He features all the BEST pop songs


If you’ve heard a song on the radio and thought DAMN I WANNA DANCE TO THIS, he’s probably got a video for it. Whether you’re looking for Britney, Ariana, or the Biebs, the Fitness Marshall has got you covered.

He has diverse “backup booties”


All of his videos feature two women as his backup dancers that he lovingly calls his “backup booties”. The girls are all different sizes, have different dance abilities, and are racially diverse, which makes you feel like you’re just dancing with your friends. Well, friends that actually know how to dance.

His videos are free

Getting into shape doesn’t have to be expensive and the Fitness Marshall proves it! His videos are broken up into Warm Up videos, Workout videos, and Cool Down videos, so that you can get an ENTIRE workout in. One that is fun AND free.

The dance moves are fun and fairly easy to follow


While he doesn’t teach you every single dance move in the video, he’ll generally teach you a few and then build on top. Plus, it just gives you more motivation to master the moves and come back to the videos again and again.

He is entertaining as all heck


He really puts his all into hitting EVERY dance move. But the stuff that comes out of his mouth is even more hilarious. Some of mine and my roommates favorites include: “You can touch your booty, it’s yours” and “If you leave your mouth open, it looks sexy and you can get more air”. Touché Fitness Marshall, touché!

His editing skills add extra hilarity

Whether it’s changing the bushes in his front yard to be a million different colors, or adding lasers where they don’t need to be, the Fitness Marshall will add some hilarity to your workout! If you pay attention while you’re dancing, it’s like you’re not even working out at all. Pick your favorite video and look out for some nuggets of editing fun!

The fall usually means your schedule is bound to change. School or work kicks into full swing, and it feels like you have less time and energy to squeeze in a workout. Thankfully the Fitness Marshall let’s you do totally fun workouts for however long you choose! BRB, going to get my Sia on with the Marshall!

Featured image via Fitness Marshall screengrab

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