I am a HUGE nail polish buff, probably because I’ve painted my nails every week for the last 8 years. Safe to say that over the last 8 years, I have purchased and tried more nail polish than the average person, but one brand has always been my go to, Essie. Once I saw that they were launching a new gel line called Essie Gel Couture, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bottle. Alas, I live in Canada and had to wait awhile.

So much to my surprise when I was strolling through my local drug store and there was a brand spanking new display chock full of the new Essie Gel Couture collection. Seriously, I was so excited that I immediately snapchatted my other Essie loving friend and lifestyle blogger, Amanda at Below the Blonde!


The new polish line has 42 shades in four collections, each paying homage to the fashion world (Atelier, First Look, Fashion Show, and After Party). The collection also features a new swirly bottle, a departure from the classic and clean edges of the Essie bottle.

Seen here are a “step 1” bottle in On The List and a “step 2” bottle called Top Coat



Also, let me just bring your attention to the fact that they changed the brush. When I first heard about the change, I’ll admit I wasn’t happy. But TRUST ME, when you use this brush I think you will be a convert. I’m seriously wishing that every bottle of nail polish in the world could feature this brush. Just like the bottle, it has a twirl shape and it is designed for maximum coverage, which is AWESOME for a gel-like product.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to get the stuff on my nails. As mentioned already, this brush is UNREAL. Super easy to use, even product application, really everything you could want in a nail polish.


20160730_233352 (1)

Overall, I’m super stoked about this product. The application is smooth, the coverage is great, and my nails are super duper shiny. Hopefully I can get a solid 10 days out of this manicure, so I’ll keep you posted on the longevity! I can’t wait until they release new colours for fall, because I’m POSITIVE that they will be incredible!

For more visuals, check out Essie’s video on how to apply the product below:

Featured image via essiepolish

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